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A little bit about myself


Hi, I’m Garo, a digital marketer in Perth. Welcome to my digital space, where I hope we can hang out more and get to know each other better. and where you can find out what sets me apart from the digital agencies in Perth.

Why Me?

I launched my digital creative business to offer a creative community for entrepreneurs, small business superstars, and savvy professionals, working together to take a small idea and turn it into something big online. One simple reason, I can give you the same service and quality of product as any other full service agency with one main difference, you’re dealing with me and not an agency. This one on one business relationship will be personal and your account will be handled by me and only by me.

If we enter into a business relationship, you won’t be “just another client”. I will provide you with as much value as possible and you won’t be charged for every little change. I’m here to build businesses online, not make quick transactions.

On top of that, I offer prices that agencies cannot match because of my little to no overheads. Combined with a precise and accurate workflow, I can transfer the savings onto my clients. In the current state of the digital marketing sphere, it’s very achievable for service providers to work smart and efficiently and I believe that this should be reflected in the price and quality of the product.

Throughout any of my projects, I pride myself on being an open book, answering any questions or queries clients may have.

Love for Digital Advertising & Creativity

It’s my passion for the creative industry that has landed me where I am today. My first love was for music. I studied for a Bachelor of Music at WAAPA, majoring in Jazz Performance. I lived the rock star lifestyle for a bit, touring and playing in a band.

I then found myself eager to learn more about business and shortly afterward enrolled to do a Business Degree. Now I get the best of both worlds, producing music in my spare time and producing great online presence for brands of all sizes, as my full time gig.

A Digital Professional With Agency Experience

So if you need some assistance in the online world (or you want to ask me a question about my recent trip to Europe because you’ve stalked my Instagram page), then drop me a line. I love meeting new people and remember if you’re needing a website, some help with your social media advertising some branding, SEO or just want to host your website, don’t forget to give me a call!


0424 180 755

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