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Email Marketing

Let’s convert those leads shall we?

No, I’m not referring to Electronic Dance Music. When it comes to marketing Electronic Direct Mail is an effective way to connect your brand with a targeted audience. Not only can I assist with the strategy to deliver results but I can creatively develop a template that will stand out.

Reaching Your Leads

So the good news is, if you have an email database, then people are already interested in your brand, service or business so now let us try and convert those leads!
In a heavily saturated market, it’s important, more than ever, to have a solid strategy behind your regular EDM’s, otherwise, you will just get lost. The great thing is, you’re in complete control and can engage personally with your database that has already shown an interest in you, so why not take the next step? Think of it as a second date, you know they are keen on you, so why not ask them back for a drink?


The best place to start building your database is from your website. I can integrate the most common database and email marketing clients, Campaign Monitor or Mail Chimp, directly into your website.

Stand Out

Because EDMs are so widely used, it’s important to be noticeable with your marketing communication and bring value to your leads.

Split Test

EDMs are a great way to split test headlines, call to actions and more to see how your leads respond to them.

Think Like The Customer

Make your EDMs something that you’d want to read. If you wouldn’t want to read it, why would your leads?

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