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There’s no point spending the money to build a great website and hope that by chance the traffic will start rolling in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way! A digital strategy and holistic internet marketing approach can get you clicks and is the best way to boost your organic reach is by improving your SEO!

Search Engine Optimisation

So you have a website and you’re wondering why it’s not appearing on Google?
I can help with that! In the weird and ever confusing world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it’s very easy to get overwhelmed or even ripped off because, at the end of the day, it’s not very tangible. Unfortunately, it’s a vital part of your internet marketing strategy in Perth and abroad, but that’s ok, I’m here to help/ First, we need to approach it strategically with a combination of on-page and off page SEO techniques that will get you on the world most important piece of real estate, Google. For example, if you wanted to rank for the search term “SEO Perth”, you would need to approach it with a holistic SEO strategy in mind.

Off-Page SEO

This is where SEO starts to get very confusing. Think of Off-Page SEO as positive word of mouth that promotes your website. The only difference is, it’s not people that are doing the talking, it’s other websites. This is called back-linking. So using SEO Perth example, once again, if a lot of websites are giving your site props for “SEO Perth” then this would aid you in increasing your Google rank for that keyword.
You need to have a healthy mixture of black and white hat techniques to ensure your SEO strategy is well rounded and achieving results because at the end of the day, we are trying to coerce Google into liking you over everyone else and that can be tricky and take some time!

On-Page SEO

It all starts with your website. On-Page Search Engine Optimisation is an integral part of any website ranking strategies as, without it, all the other strategies won’t have the same effect. It starts with developing a strong keyword strategy, carrying on with my “SEO Perth” example; there is not much point having SEO Perth in your content if you want to rank for Perth Plumbing is there? Think of the keywords as the building blocks to build your SEO strategy on. In this incredibly competitive and ever-changing landscape that is Google, your website needs to make sure that it’s abiding by all the rules and ticking all the Search Engine Optimisation Standards.

SEO Tips

With Google, it’s important to use variations on the keywords you want to rank for. If you keep using the same keywords (anchor text) repeatedly to a very high level in your backlinks, you will get penalised so you need to avoid this. The key to this is to do what visitors to your site would do and to make it look as natural as possible while doing enough to rank for this and other keywords.

If SEO is positive word of mouth for your Website,  let’s spread the good word then and get your internet marketing strategy up and running, shall we?

On Going Work

There are no real shortcuts when it comes to SEO. It takes time to implement and execute the correct strategy. SEO work is ongoing and should be thought of in 3,6 and 12 month blocks.

SEO Foundations

It’s important to begin with the right and strong foundation so that your off-page strategy has the desired effect. If you think you need to address this, ask me about SEO Foundations.


All SEO work is finished with monthly reports giving clients a clear understanding of what’s been done, what the next steps are and how the SEO work is performing.

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Traffic & Analytics

I make sure that your website traffic is analysed, using the industry standard and latest Google analytic tools available. This is done so you can clearly see how your website is performing against your competitors and targeted keywords. The reason for this is that I can then make informed decisions and optimisations to your Perth SEO campaign and abroad.


All of my SEO packages come with a backlinking service aimed to build the rank and authority of the domain. I have a mixture of black and white hat tools at my disposal for all my SEO services in Perth.

Best Practice SEO

All my websites in Perth are built with best SEO practice in mind, making sure that your website is optimised at a foundational level and connected and fetched by Google correctly. This includes an SSL certificate for all websites as without one, it’s very hard to rank. That is not an extra, that is part of any of my website builds, no matter the budget.

Mobile Responsive

Google favors optimised sites greatly which is why all my websites are completely mobile responsive, making sure that Google gives preference to it. It’s vital considering half of all web traffic now days is mobile. If your site is not responsive, then your Perth SEO campaign is not optimised.

On-Page SEO Case Study

AB&H Technology Service approached me for a website so that they could build their online presence and begin their internet marketing journey. AB&H offer services for innovative companies to receive grants from the government to subsides R&D costs. As all my websites are built with best SEO practice in mind from a foundational and strategic standpoint, I made sure that their R&D Tax Incentives landing page was built around their main keyword, “R&D Tax Incentive Perth”.

What Was Involved

  • Keyword Research

    Finding the most valuable and relevant keyword for the business

  • Optimised On-Page SEO

    Ensuring the page has all relevant content that is unique and keyword rich and that the meta data tags are optimised.

  • Google Friendly

    Website is optimised across devices, connected to Google Search Console and secure with SSL certificate.


2 weeks after launching their website, their organic rank for their main search term was on page 2. With a few more content optimisations, their website was ranking #1 on Google for their main search term and now receives regular, quantified traffic to their landing page.