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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) was once called Google Places. It is now your destination to literally put your business on the map! You know when you search businesses and they appear as map listings? Well, that is because of GMB and a well optimised GMB at that. Just like anything on the Google landscape, if optimised correctly, it will significantly impact your organic rankings and search results for the better, giving your business the exposure it deserves.

How does it work?

There are many ways one can optimise your business listing on GMB so that it impacts your organic rankings. By adding the correct, keyword-rich information to your listing is just one of the many ways you can optimise your business listing.

Getting your business verified by Google is imperative so that it occupies its rightful space on Google Maps and GMB listings. “But what if my business has multiple locations or services multiple areas?!” Don’t worry, you can get the different locations listed too. There are some tricks of the trade to get your service business such as a mobile car mechanic, for example, to appear in multiple locations. But, be careful, one wrong step and Google can punish you.

Give me a shout if you’re wanting your business to appear across multiple locations to be safe!

Does it help my business?

Well, it certainly can’t hurt it! 

So, imagine you’re a mechanic and someone is searching for a mechanic in Perth. Google will take into consideration the locality of the searcher and the business listings, including how they are optimised.

Google will display the map listings first above the normal search results which have links to both your businesses website and a direct phone number.

So if your business has an active and well optimised GMB listing, it can outrank the competition, increasing the chances of leads and potential customers contacting you. Without a GMB listing, these potential clients will go to your competitor who is listed on GMB.


What influences search rankings?

Like always, there are a number of factors that influence your search ranking on your Google My Business listing. The main factors I think should be addressed are as follows :

  • Website Authority – Making sure your website is optimised from a foundational and on-page SEO standpoint is fundamental for any holistic SEO strategy and will directly impact your GMB search rankings. The higher the rank of your website, the more weight it holds with GMB as well.
  • Proximity & Location – Google will always take into account the location of your business versus the location of the person searching. Obviously, as mentioned above, there are ways to optimise and sway Google in your favour but this is a very important and powerful ranking influencer
  • Listing Information – Does your listing have all the relevant information about your business? Are all the services listed with descriptions? Are there photos? Do you post regularly? The more complete and optimised your listing is, the more weight and authority it holds.
  • Reviews – The more POSITIVE reviews, the better.

So, if you want to get your business listed and seen on Google My Business, give me a shout!


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