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Link Building

What’s it all about?!

What is link building?

The easiest way to think of link building is as follows. Imagine if 50 people (Links) are all telling a customer (Google) about your business and that it’s an industry leader in “SEO Perth” (Search Term), naturally, your customer (Google) will think “mmm that business must be really good at SEO Perth, therefore, we should give it more visibility”. Long story short, think of link building as positive word of mouth for your website.

How does it work?

Well, remember my example above? The more times Google hears about your website from other websites, the more likely it is to rank you higher. Sticking to our example, if the customer (Google) hears from a CEO or Director (Links with high authority), that your business is great at SEO, obviously, your customer will take that reference or word of mouth more seriously than the recommendation of an intern (Links with low authority). The age-old saying, “Quality Over Quantity” is very applicable to any solid link building strategy

The rank is influenced directly by the strength or rank of your domain, which is increased by a healthy, natural and specific link building campaign.

What do I have to look out for?

It’s important to remember that a spam or unnatural approach to link building can cause harm to your websites organic visibility. This is why you should always consult an SEO expert before delving into link building. One cannot just spray millions of links into the internet, they have to be thought out, relevant to what you’re trying to rank for, natural in appearance and diverse in what sorts of websites and pages you place them. Remember, Google’s Penguin algorithm (the algorithm that is in charge of crawling for linking schemes and keyword stuffing making the links/content look unnatural, is always learning and is smarter than all of us so we must make sure that everything we do from a link building, off page SEO point of view, is within reason so that your website is not penalized.

Why me?

Simple, I offer link building strategies over 3, 6 and 12 months with no lock-in contracts and give you complete transparency of the work that has been done. I have access to over 3000+ forums, blogs, private blog networks and have accounts to other highly sought after websites such as Buzzfeed where I can place valuable, relevant and keyword rich content and link it back to your specific website or webpage. I’ll make sure your website is optimised as well as building your links with a holistic and strategies approach to make sure you begin ranking for your valued keywords and search terms


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