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Social Media Marketing

Let’s leverage some of that attention, shall we?

Social Media Marketing is well … social! That’s why it’s important to understand the importance of good content that will enable users to engage and share your brand. After all, your brand is worth talking about so let’s get people talking!

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be very confusing, but that’s where I come in. With the current state of how we consume media, it’s important that your company or brand tells a story that engages and affects your audience.
Social media platforms can be very distracting so make sure you’re telling a story that is true and honest to your brand. Give me a shout if you need a hand as I can implement a social media strategy for your business or brand that ensures the right people are seeing your advertisements

Attention Arbitrage

In a world where peoples rate of attention is decreasing at a rate only matched by the changes in ways we consume media, attention arbitrage focuses on how we can attract and sustain the attention of our audience, a somewhat rare commodity. I am pretty sure that a lot of your audience or customer base would be using Facebook. It’s the largest of all social media platforms and more than half of all Australians use it. So why not try and leverage some of that attention and connect with your customers in a targeted, calculated and strategic way?


It’s important to understand how to effectively reach your audience because otherwise, you’re simply wasting your time and money.


The social media platforms we use have such in-depth data pools that allow us to directly target your audience based on things such as location, demographics, behaviours and more…


It’s not as easy as just constantly posting. Your content needs to be strategic, timely and valuable to your audience.

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