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E-Commerce Web Design

Bring your shop online!

Sale Driving E-commerce Websites

As an experienced e-commerce web developer and designer, I pride myself at getting visitors to convert by driving them to your shopping cart. With a deep knowledge of SEO, Social media marketing, and AdWords, I can drive traffic to your e-commerce website and ensure they convert to sales. What’s more, I provide the social proof that drives most buyers to make a purchase. I provide the social integrity needed to assure customers they can purchase on your e-commerce website by helping you develop an honest social profile.

Affordable E-commerce Website Development

The growth of your business and its long term sustainability depends on having a secure and stable e-commerce website you can self-manage. It makes no financial sense to have to contact your web developer each time you have to update your content or upload a new banner or product. I’m committed to the growth of your business, and as such, develop affordable, self-manageable e-commerce websites that convert.

Easy Management

What’s a good e-commerce website design if it is not easy to manage, scalable, and flexible? Choosing the right e-commerce platform and investing seriously in the development of an attractive and responsive e-commerce website should at least guarantee that your earning grows even while you sleep. My promise to you is an easy-to-manage, attractive, and ROI generating e-commerce website.

Mobile-Friendly Design

It is increasingly becoming imperative to optimize e-commerce website for mobile now more than ever. With more businesses done on the move on mobile phones and tablets, as against the traditional desktops, ensuring your e-commerce website is mobile-friendly is a no-brainer. Committed to ensuring you reap the full benefits of mobile conversions, all my e-commerce websites designs are fast, responsive, and mobile-friendly.

Powerful Analytics

Expanding your e-commerce presence and growing your business just got easier. To help you develop and enlarge your customer base and increase conversions and sales, I integrate google analytics and other analytics platforms on all e-commerce websites.

Flexible Payment & Shipping Solutions

It makes no sense to have an attractive and responsive design if payment is a hassle. It is important to ensure that customers have varieties of payment options to choose from when checking out of the cart. I’m partners with a number of merchant account providers and payment gateway, including:

• PayPal
• Stripe
• AfterPay
• All Australian banks

I cater for most customer requirements, including international shipping and recurring billing.
With me, you not only get the best ecommerce website design and functionality, you also get the most flexible shipping options for your international orders. I integrate:

• Custom options
• Australia post


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