Basic SEO Tips

Basic SEO Tips

Using The Right Building Blocks

Regardless if your client is paying for SEO, I think it’s important to build the website with best practice in mind, making sure that your clients’ new website is optimised at a very base level. This includes basic title tags and keyword rich URLs.

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Here are some things that I have noticed when working on peoples websites that were built by other developers that have been forgotten about or just left out.

1. The first of those rules is to make do with some keyword rich URLs. This is to say that anytime you put up a page on your website, it must have a purpose which should be clear from the outset. For that page to have an increased chance of being discovered organically by your web visitors, you must incorporate some basic and relevant terms of the page in question. For example, if you’re selling SEO services in Perth, you should include it in your URL: . I think it’s not too much to ask for a site to be optimized at such a basic level when you’re spending thousands on a new website.

2. The second rule is to build a well-defined structure for your website which will allow for alterations and additions for future purposes. One of such methods is to have a hierarchy that follows from domain down to category and kind then products. For example : This would also indicate that you’re website has a nice depth within its site architecture allowing space for me keyword rich content across the relevant pages.

3. Tailor your URL to strike out all superfluous words and characters. This enables users to get, at first encounter, what your page is all about through the URL. Just like users, Google can also acquire all the meanings attached to your page. Talking about unnecessary words, you should try as much as possible to avoid repetition of words, which may lead to redundancy.

4. When using header tags, always ensure that they are used in the right manner. This is very important when you have multiple versions of your essentials on the same page because it will direct the search engines to what version you prefer.

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