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Web Design – My Thoughts & Favourite Tools

Keeping up with the trends in web design is very crucial. Every twelve months, many changes in terms of practices, updates, and tools occur. A website might look sassy today but appear outdated after a few months. It is important to get the difference between a passing fad and a real trend if you want a website to be successful. Below are a few trends that will fulfill the web design goals in the near future.

Slider Revolution

This is a responsive and innovative WordPress Slider Plugin that lays out web content in a captivating way. The plugin boasts of fancy effects such as the 3D parallax effect, true multi-media content, and space opera show among others.

While building a website it is good to prioritize speed and eye-catching simple designs and this is a fantastic tool that I use for all of my web design projects in Perth and abroad.


According to studies, 50% of users want a website to load in less than two seconds after they click, failure to which they move on to do other things. You might have a very beautifully designed website, but if it takes too long to load, there might be streams of revenue being lost when no one wishes to stick around. Terms such as bloated JavaScript and uncompressed videos should be banned from the design agenda because they will definitely slow things down in this fast age.

And with the Google Speed Update that ranks sites in terms of loading speed, having a faster site is better. Large photos should not be done away with totally, they could be integrated into the overall design in a way that they do not slow down the website loading time.

Clean and simple web designs

For websites to load quickly, it is necessary that they have minimalist or flat designs. These designs are desirable because they improve the user experience on both desktop and mobile devices and they hold high SEO value.

Minimalist designs aim at improving how a website looks by finding ways to go around cluttering a website. The amount of data is reduced by complementing simple imagery with bright colors to come up with an engaging and eye-catching flat design.

With these data-light designs, it is easy to make content on a website optimised for Google, Bing and pretty much any other search engine. Besides ranking websites in terms of speed, these search engines also rank them in terms of their mobile sites. This is because making a mobile site has over the last two years grown into a fundamental trend.

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